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February 2nd, 2022, marks the end of user tier upgrades and downgrades for Server. As many of our customers consider their next steps on migration from Server, we want to help.

To support you on your journey from Server to Cloud or Data Center, we’re offering one-time personalised discounts on a selection of Adaptavist apps, including 6 months free on the app of your choice. 

Start moving into your new environment at a low cost

Relieve ROI pressure during the migration process

Choose the discount that suits your business needs best

Access your offersReturning customer?

To access your unique discount code, simply:

  1. 1Create your account so we can match you with your personalised offers 
  2. 2Claim your promo codes from your existing product licenses
  3. 3Redeem your chosen offer before December 31st 2021
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Why Cloud?

Cloud is ideal for:

  • Widely distributed teams, spread out across the globe 
  • Accessing Atlassian tools quickly and efficiently at all hours of the day
  • Reducing maintenance downtime
  • Teams with a mixture of technical and non-technical users

Why Data Center?

Data Center is ideal for:

  • Rapidly-growing businesses that need fast, smooth scaling capabilities
  • Teams that require more complex customisation and flexibility to tailor their tools
  • Highly regulated industries with stringent data security requirements
  • On-premise reliability and stability

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Not sure where next?

Every organisation is unique and every migration is too. If you’re overwhelmed by the options, book in a chat with our experts to find your way forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to gain your promotional code, you’ll need to register and verify your account. Once registered login and click on Promo Codes in the left hand navigation. Once there click on Get Promo Offer. You’ll need to enter your SEN for your active Atlassian Server license and the Technical Contact for that SEN and click Find. If you have a matching active Adaptavist server app registered to the SEN then you’ll then have one or more discount codes to choose from. Select your preference and click Done. You can then access your code from the Promo Offers page.
Once you have followed the steps to generate your code go to the Promo Offers page and click ‘Claim Promo’. If the code you have chosen is for Data Center or Server you'll then be taken to your Atlassian shopping cart with the discount applied. If you have chosen a Cloud discount code then you’ll be given the code to apply in the checkout process.
The code will expire on the 31st December so needs to be used before that date.
This is a limited time offer until 31st December 2021, if that timeline doesn’t work for you, please contact us. We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements with you but cannot guarantee future discounts.
You agree to the terms and conditions for any discounts, and/or promotional pricing codes, or discounted pricing available by links (URLs) (together, “Promo Codes”) available to you through this website and at